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Why is Bulgaria your ideal study destination?

Why is Bulgaria your ideal study destination?

Bulgaria is a country bordering Serbia, Northern Macedonia, Romania, Greece, Turkey, and the Black Sea.  It is the oldest country in Europe and has never changed its name. Its capital Sofia is an attractive place for tourism and international students.

The characteristics of our country is the abundance of natural landmarks and breathtaking views. They enchant the international students with their beauty. The country is rich in  vast mountains, plains, valleys and lowlands, rivers and waterfalls, and to the east the Black Sea coast. Only 4 hours drive from the capital, students can enjoy the variety of resorts with beautiful beaches. Burgas and Varna are the main cities. Аround them there are a variety of beaches with restaurants, bars and natural attractions. The abundance of natural resources  creates conditions for the development of various sports. Here the international students can practice skiing, cycling, climbing peaks and rock climbing, bungee jumping and skydiving. And for lovers of leisure sports, the mountains are marked by trails and routes. While walking, students can smell aromatic and useful herbs and taste fragrant berries. A wonderful opportunity for relaxation and gathering new strength are the hospitable and cozy huts. They offer delicious traditional soups and aromatic teas. The views from them reveal the majestic beauty of the Bulgarian mountains.

The higher education system in Bulgaria combines several important advantages for which a student would choose studying and living in this small and beautiful country:

  • Quality of education
  • Flexible learning schedule
  • Flexibility in the model of studying – regular or distance learning options are available
  • Lecturers with with large practical experience and modern and innovative learning approach

Bulgaria is a great place for studying higher education because of the variety of social life. Apart from its rich abundance of sports activities, there are many festivals  in the mountains and at the sea. Featuring a diverse program, they are a great place for recreation in nature, social contacts and learning about Bulgarian traditions.

Big cities also attract students because of their diverse nightlife and opportunities for social life. Cities such as Sofia, Varna, Burgas, Plovdiv offer a variety of entertainment venues such as cinemas, theaters, galleries and museums, bars, gyms and playgrounds, stadiums for sports and music events, green parks and gardens for recreation and sports. And the beauty of some cities is their closeness to magnificent mountains, where international students can practice various sports.

Bulgarian cuisine is another good reason to study here. It includes cooked dishes with a variety of aromatic spices and you will feel amazed as soon as you arrive and head to our traditional restaurants. Known not only for its traditional dishes, the country also offers a variety of restaurants with foreign cuisine, which is a great prerequisite for international students. In addition to going to a restaurant, students have the opportunity to buy the products they want from well-stocked stores or supermarkets at affordable prices.

Bulgaria is known for its hospitality, which is another reason for choosing higher education here. Bulgarians are friendly and kind people who easily create contacts and friendships.

In recent years, the country has been attractive because of its diversity of international students. In our country you will receive a prestigious and internationally recognized education. One of the many examples of this is  New Bulgarian University with programs in English and lecturers from different countries. You will have the opportunity to acquire practical skills through meetings with corporate executives and your participation with them in real business projects. You will have the opportunity to do an internship in private sector companies and why not stay to work for them after that. In addition to all the benefits that the bulgarian Higher Education offers there are also frequent available consultations and seminars in the field of career guidance  where you will have the great opportunity to actively explore your career aspirations.

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