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Career coaching

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You are a fresh school graduate and on the way to decide on your studies and career development? Or maybe you’ve already done your bachelor degree successfully and face a difficult choice whether to continue in the same professional direction or change it? For sure you have a lot of questions and important decisions to make. Choosing the right profession and career is a long, complex process which you need to dedicate time to as what matters most is to be happy with your job and development – we spend approximately 80% of our lives in professional occupations.
We are going to support you on this exciting journey to yourself and your dream career by delivering 3 career-related workshops. You will have the great opportunity to actively explore your career aspirations, strenghts&opportunities and create an action plan with specific steps for achieving your career goal based on personal motivation and market demand.


Workshop format:


  •  3 sessions, each 90 minutes long delivered by an experienced and accredited coach&trainer.
  •  Delivered 100% online and highly interactive.
  •  Practical tools for choosing the right career, personal approach and guidance by the coach.
  •  Final output: A specific action plan outlining your desired career field and selected studies which will support best your ambitions.
The right moment to start thinking about your career is now! Take the chance, shape your future and have a fulfilling, high quality life! We are expecting you!


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