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Why Bulgaria is your ideal study destination?

Bulgaria is a country bordering Serbia, Northern Macedonia, Romania, Greece, Turkey, and the Black Sea.  It is the oldest country in Europe and has never changed its name. Its capital Sofia is an attractive place for tourism and international students. The characteristics of our country is the abundance of natural landmarks and breathtaking views. They enchant […]

Why is online learning important nowadays?

Why is online learning important nowadays?

With the advancement of technology and the increasing speed of Internet connections, opportunities for multimedia learning have emerged. Face to face education is no longer the only available opportunity to learn. No physical presence is required to learn something new or find useful information. Everything is available in the portable virtual world. Nowadays, the Internet […]


In 1998, Curtis Carlson became CEO of the renowned research center SRI International. An established center that has proven its effectiveness through various discoveries and innovations in the field of industry and technology. Among SRI’s achievements are the first Internet broadcast, the development of the first AI-based robot to revolutionize the personal computer, the invention […]